Friday, July 22, 2011


Okay for a long time I have told people that I would write down what I learned, when I took Nolan for swim lessons, so I finally have.  And here it is.  I have used it for all three of my kids so far and they love the water.  Nolan 6 and Cy 3 can swim pretty well.  Maya my 20 month old can go under and swim to the side a few feet away.  I will say I am amazed at our cousin Ty Duncan and his swim training!!  He can go underwater flip over and bring himself out of the water in a back float.  Totally awesome I need to find the training for this and get on it.  So for now this is what we practice.  Good luck all. 

Swim Lessons

Day 1

    Teach kicking, blowing bubbles, climbing out of pool or hold on to side depending on how age.  Floating on back. (Blowing bubbles do with the child) make sure they know what kicking means. Let them climb out and jump into you or play humpty dumpty depending on age. 

~ Sucker after swim lessons.

    It is good to go over the Agenda with the parents so they know what to expect.  Day 1 getting used to the water, bubbles, getting to know and understand the word kick. Introduce floating on back, climbing out of pool or hanging on the side depending on age. Day 2 going under.  Day 3 Letting go.  Day 4 torpedo's actually practice swimming. (need two people on day 4)

Day 2
    Repation of the introduction... Warm up kicking, blowing bubbles, floating on back with lots of support/help, not alone... keep introducing it so they will get used to it. 
    new:  "Nolan(baby's name) watch mommy go under 1, 2, 3," blow in their face and you go under and come back up and say "peek a boo" or "HI"  Then you repeat the same thing.  Then it their turn and you say the same thing "Nolan (baby's name) your turn to go under this time ready 1, 2, 3," blow in their face and take them under.  until they head is about 2 inches or so under. (Make sure you blow and take them under even if they are fussing!)  it works Nolan fussed all 5 times.  Do this 5 times no hurry love on your baby inbetween each of the times under water. 

~Keep introducing floating on back.  after a yr old kids don't like getting on their backs the longer you wait the harder it gets.

Day 3
    Warm up with kicking, bubbles, climb out of the pool getting back in.  Keep introducing floating on back.  3 underwater attempts with your hands on.  1, 2, 3, blow, under , back up.  Good job.. baby.  Cuddle whatever until 3X complete. 
    new:  mostly getting parent used to the idea of letting go.  So on count of 3 you blow in baby's face take them under and let go they usually kick and pop back up.  If they go to low, don't just grab them! Use your pointer and middle fingers to bounce them up.  Give them a couple taps under their arm pits. when baby's head gets to the top of the water get them with both hands under their arms and pull them up out of the water.  If you don't pull them up they will try to take a breath as soon as their face clears the water and suck up water.  So when the top of their head is at the water go ahead and pull them all the way out. 
~Also important hink to make sure the baby's feet are not coming toward you because it causes their face to point up and they get water up their noses very easily.  Make sure feet are down or a little behind them. 
1,2,3, blow, under, let go (gage if you need to bump them up) at top of water hold underarms and pull them up.  Tell them they did a good job.  Do this 5 times before you leave. 

Day 4
    Practice everything from days 1-3.  3 under water attempts, 3 under water letting go attemps.
    new: Torpedos: Partner comes in handy.  You put baby on stomach in the water. Show and tell them what and where they are going to do.("your going to go under water and kick to whomever.")  Hold under stomach with one hand and on the top of their back near the head and neck down the middle of the back with the other hand.(more important with kids under 1yr. old)  Then count "1, 2, 3" blow in their face push them under water and push them toward your partner.  Hopefully they kick, and blow out water not suck any up.  (It is more common that they don't kick and choke or drink a little of the water the first few times. It will get better)
~Torpedo solo:  You hold baby out away from you and tell them they are going to do. Point them toward yourself and count "1,2,3" blow push underwater and pull them toward you.  Then take a step or two back so they torpedo and then grab them as you are the second person. Make sure you let them know what they are doing. You can and should start torpedoing toward the wall.  Show them the wall let them touch it, then tell them they are going to do torpedos toward the wall.  Tell them your going to go underwater and kick to the side of the pool and grab the side. Count "1,2,3," blow in their face, push them underwater and toward edge of pool swim beside them and make sure they get to the side you can put their hands on the side. REPATION IS KEY. again you need to pull kiddo out of the water before face reaches the water. 

Things to practice on:  Having them turn around under water.  Telling them to turn around on the land a couple of times while they are out of the water.  Then you face them away from you and tell them they are going to go under water and turn around toward you.  count 1,2,3 turn them a little so you can blow in their face then push them under the water and turn them toward you and let thme kick up so top of their head is at the top of the water.  Do this and practice other things from days 1-4 for about a half hour.  Once you can consistently do most things then they can start turning around by the wall by themselves. Then jumping into the water and turning around and grabing the wall.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

March Madness

It has been a crazy March.  My Husband has been gone for almost 3 weeks of it and we have been trying to keep busy.  My mom had off the first week for Spring Break.  We did fun stuff on St. Patricks Day.... green eggs and ham, went to the park with G, did crafts and had root beer floats in the new Irish Mugs, I found the day before at  booth on a date with my mom.  We went to St. Louis for the weekend and went to the Zoo and hung out with Jeremy and Caroline!!!!  Then we came home and watched two boys for the week while Cy was sick.  Just a couple days left and we can hardly wait to see Dad!!!  Babe we miss you!!!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

I am Thankful

This blogging is harder than it looks.  I am just trying to expand my computer skills.  I have mostly only gotten my husband to help me.  Thanks Babe!  I am thankful for many things.  Mostly for a wonderful God and Savior, for without Him there would be no point in anything else.  Then for family.  My wonderful Husband that is so great I couldn't say enough about.  My Children,, Cy.... guy, and Maya.....girl and one on the way. I am going to leave it at that for now and hopefully, not forever.  I am not very good at keeping on top of things so this might be it for quite some time!!